Compassionate Whittington and Fisherwick

Compassionate Whittington and Fisherwick

Compassionate Communities UK (CC-UK) presented Whittington and Fisherwick with the award this week to coincide with the first International Compassionate Communities Day.

Cllr Garry Hyde with CC-UK’s Dr Majula Patel and Nikki Archer from St Giles Hospice

Members of the Whittington and Fisherwick Good Neighbour Scheme have supported vulnerable and disabled residents over the past six years, receiving support from a range of local organisations along the way, including St Giles Hospice.

Peter Ellis, chair of trustees for CC-UK, said:

“To achieve Compassionate Community status requires demonstration that a place is coming together across different sectors, schools, businesses, care providers and most importantly citizens to support each other on issues to do with death, dying and loss.

“What is clear in Whittington and Fisherwick is that the Good Neighbour Scheme has become a focus in bringing the community together along with the contribution from St Giles Hospice, the parish council and others.

“On evaluating the evidence towards accreditation, the panel was very impressed and was in no doubt that the village deserves this award.”

Peter Ellie, CC-UK

Ian Leech, community engagement manager at St Giles Hospice, said that, in addition to working with local schools and hosting events, the hospice had provided facilities for community groups to meet as well as delivered sessions on care planning, funeral wishes, dementia friends training and understanding bereavement.

“Any way that we can help and do our bit for the village and for the people who live here, we’ll do it.

“Ultimately we want to be a part of Whittington village, not apart from it, and I think we do that very well thanks to the Good Neighbour Scheme.”

Ian Leech, St Giles Hospice

“The neighbourhood has always pulled together”

Whittington resident Val Brocklebank said volunteers for the Good Neighbour Scheme had been particularly supportive during lockdown, popping round with treats and taking residents to and from vaccination appointments.

“I don’t know what I’d do without them – the scheme has given me some human contact and company.

“I think they’re the most wonderful thing that’s ever happened in this village and we’re very fortunate to have them.”

Val Brocklebank

Cllr Garry Hyde, chair of Whittington and Fisherwick Parish Council, added:

“This is a fantastic award and I’m so pleased the hard work of all our village groups and residents has been recognised in this way.

“The neighbourhood has always pulled together and looked after the community, even more so since the Covid pandemic, so this award means the world to us.”

Cllr Garry Hyde, Whittington and Fisherwick Parish Council

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